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About Us

Medical Forms International, Inc. has specialized in designing, printing and selling medical forms and patient record keeping products for nearly 50 years.  While the Company sells products it has previously designed to all of its customers; its strength is in working with customers to design and develop solutions for specific applications.

The Company’s staff is capable of identifying a customer’s specific need; then designing a product from scratch to address that need; or, the Medical Forms team is also quite adept at reviewing a customer’s existing forms for everything from redesigns to simply improved pricing on the existing form or product.

Because Medical Forms International, Inc. has designed its products to address the specific needs of its clients; many of our customers find they can utilize the Company’s existing products; and if an existing product truly services your needs, we are happy to provide an existing solution for our customers.  However, we realize standard cookie-cutter forms and products do not always provide the best fit for a customer’s needs; so rather than force a square peg into a round hole, Medical Forms will review a customer’s existing product and work with that customer to develop the best solution for the customer’s challenge.

We believe our responsibility to our customers goes beyond simply selling printed paper to buyers; but rather, our mission is to provide efficient, simple-to-use solutions for our customer’s challenges.  We humbly believe, if we can make our customers more successful; that success will come back to us.

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