Custom Forms Since 1950

Early one day; nearly fifty years ago, Ron Green was toiling away in his print shop when the phone rang; it was Cedar-Sinai Hospital calling to ask Ron a favor.  The Hospital needed him to design a form, for nurses, to record a patient’s condition during each shift over a 24-hour period.  The form had to be easy to use; allow for each subsequent shift to see the notes from the previous shifts; and provide for a written record of the notes to be preserved at the end of each shift.

After numerous meetings with the Cedar-Sinai staff; including doctors, nurses and administrators; the “24-Hour Nursing Report” was designed.  At that time, Appleton Paper had successfully launched a product with NCR that allowed for multi-copy forms to be produced in a carbonless format.  The new NCR paper product was the final piece of the puzzle to complete the design concept for the “24-Hour Nursing Report”.  This new technology allowed the nurses to write their notes just one time; with the notes transferring through all four copies of the report.  It also allowed the top sheet to be filed at the end of the shift; with the written notes still visible on the subsequent sheet for the next nursing shift to see.

News of this new form spread quickly; first among the nurses and medical staff at Cedar-Sinai; then to independent doctor’s offices and other hospitals.  Before long, the medical community was knocking on Ron Green’s door asking him to design medical forms for their practices; and so it was that Medical Forms International, Inc. was born.

For the next two decades Ron designed unique medical forms to solve a wide variety of record keeping challenges for customers that included hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, senior care facilities and rehabilitation centers.  As his uniquely designed forms became more popular; customers began utilizing the forms in other cities; other counties then other states.  By 1979, Ron’s popular “24-Hour Nursing Report” was being utilized in medical facilities in all fifty states and parts of Canada; so he formalized the Company’s structure by incorporating the Company in California and establishing the name “Medical Forms International, Inc.”

Over the next 30 years; from 1979 to 2009, Medical Forms International, Inc. became well recognized as “the” source for unique NCR type medical forms to solve the record keeping challenges for the medical community.  The Company’s reputation has expanded beyond the medical industry to include insurance companies and law offices that also maintain medical related records.  Once again, seeing an opportunity to help its customers, Medical Forms International, Inc. developed a full line of index tabs to be utilized in patient files, insurance files and legal files.  The Company’s designers developed a technology that allowed customers to choose either industry standard labels; or custom designated labels, with a variety of color coded mylar sealed tabs.

Although Ron Green, the Company’s founder, has retired; his ideals of designing medical forms and products, that solve unique customer challenges continues to be the driving force for Medical Forms International, Inc.  The Company enjoys seeing the medical community utilize the specially designed products it has developed over the past 50 years; but it thrives on solving the unique challenges facing its customers today.  Perhaps your specific need today will be the revolutionary form for tomorrow…we look forward to working with you in designing your perfect solution!